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HP Calculator Compression Programs

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TNT2 Update148 & 49 series | 5.85KB

TNT2 is a successor to TNT1, using BZ2 at its core. It compresses more and faster than TNT1, while using less memory. TNT2 is 100% compatible with TNT1.

2010-03-10 ⊥ 3080 views

By Yann Collet

Stacker4x 1.248 & 49 series | 8.64KB

Stacker4x compresses and decompresses on the fly all data handled by the user, so that the user can enjoy the benefits of compression without thinking about it. Everything is fully automated and once the library is installed, it will activate itself and intercept calls to STO and RCL. Compression is provided by FastLZD, and it is very fast (5x-10x faster than BZ), to the point of being hardly noticeable for most objects.

2010-03-10 ⊥ 3098 views

By Yann Collet | Bruno Wyttenbach

LZD 0.4c48 & 49 series | 21.7KB

LZD is a new compression program specifically developed to achieve very high compression and decompression speed. It's typically 3 times faster than BZ and uses less memory, while often providing slightly better compression. Although it is fast, LZD provides very good compression ratio, especially on small and complex objects (e.g. games). For even more speed, a compatible derivative named FastLZD is also provided.

2010-03-10 ⊥ 3148 views

By Yann Collet

BZ2 201048 & 49 series | 35.2KB

This is the successor to BZ from Mika Heiskanen, compressing more and faster than its predecessor, while achieving 100% compatibility. BZ2 typically compresses 40-100% faster than BZ and decompresses ~50% faster, while at the same time seeing the same or better compression. It also uses less memory. Multiple versions are included, including one optimized for speed while achieving the same compression ratio as BZ, and another optimized for compression, while still performing better than BZ.

2012-11-18 ⊥ 3594 views

By Yann Collet

BZ 1.248 series | 10.0KB

The number one compression program for the HP 48GX/SX.

2010-03-12 ⊥ 3113 views

By Mika Heiskanen