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HP Calculator Time Programs

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Zclock49 1.049 series | 1.43KB

"Zoomed" clock, with a large time display and a smaller date display.

2010-01-10 ⊥ 2584 views

By Pierre-Yvan Beaurang

BigBigTimer 1.148 & 49 series | 9.63KB

Huge digital clock written in System RPL that uses the DisneyPrint font.

2010-03-31 ⊥ 2689 views

By David Haguenauer | Gustavo Portales

ACC 1.200549 series | 2.32KB

Analog clock and paging calendar. Clock runs with high precision also while paging through the month. Autostart-functionality with "blind" turn-off. ACC is very small because it's a self-extracting code, applied here for the first time.

2010-01-10 ⊥ 2701 views

By Wolfgang Rautenberg