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HP Calculator Text Editors and Viewers

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TED 50g 1.049 series | 59.1KB

TED is the editor from Jazz. This is a modified version of the editor from v1.11 of Jazz 50g. It comes with two commands: TED and VV (the string/grob viewer from Jazz). For the 49g+ and 50g with ROM 2.15. Source code is included.

2010-12-24 ⊥ 2831 views

By Mika Heiskanen | Han Duong

Emacs 2.11a49 series | 1.05MB

Editor and development support on the HP 49G. With keyboard macros, incremental search, regular expressions, bookmarks and a macro language. Supports completion (RPLCPL) of command names (User RPL/System RPL/assembly) and variable names. Online display of thousands of stack diagrams. Decompilation of ROM entries directly from the editor. Includes the SDIAG library and Thomas Rast's extable2 library, a version of extable containing unsupported-but-stable entries as well.

2010-01-10 ⊥ 3170 views

By Carsten Dominik | Peter F. Geelhoed