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HP Calculator Animations and Demos

Name | Date

DemoSIN 1.049 series | 7.80KB

Demo of the SIN function on the unit circle. It's written in assembly language and includes full MASD-syntax source code.

2010-01-11 ⊥ 2988 views

By Gustavo Portales

2DPOINTS 1.049 series | 9.87KB

Demo written in assembly language that draws points moving around in circles.

2010-03-14 ⊥ 2495 views

By Patrick Offret

Agents2D 1.0149 series | 25.1KB

Based on the paper "Steering Behaviors For Autonomous Characters" by Craig W. Reynolds, this program implements three of the steering behaviors described therein: seek with arrival, wander with collision avoidance, and path following. Use the right arrow key to cycle through the behaviors and the ON key to quit. For the ARM-based calculators only.

2010-03-14 ⊥ 2301 views

By Patrick Offret

Behaviors 1.0049 series | 27.8KB

Three more steering behaviors animations. Cycle through them with the right arrow key and quit with the ON key. You can freeze the screen with the left arrow key, and press the down down key to go on. For the ARM-based calculators.

2010-03-14 ⊥ 2143 views

By Patrick Offret

bvhplayer 1.049 series | 622KB

The program plays a BVH (Biovision Hierarchical Data) file. Includes sample files. For the ARM-based calculators.

2010-03-14 ⊥ 2485 views

By Patrick Offret

md2player 1.0049 series | 619KB

The program plays a MD2 file (Quake 2 file format). Includes three sample files. For the ARM-based calculators.

2010-03-14 ⊥ 2254 views

By Patrick Offret

Moving Curve 1.0049 series | 9.98KB

Displays a message along a moving curve.

2010-03-14 ⊥ 2348 views

By Patrick Offret

Polyhedra 2.0049 series | 74.8KB

The program draws some polyhedrons. Now has a new interface and has more polyhedra. For the ARM-based calculators.

2010-03-14 ⊥ 2315 views

By Patrick Offret

Slideshow 1.0049 series | 31.4KB

This program reads the stack for as many successive grobs as can fit in memory, and then makes a slideshow crossfading between them.

2010-03-14 ⊥ 2230 views

By Patrick Offret

Squares 2.049 series | 8.73KB

Displays squares moving across the screen. The quantity, direction, speed, and frequency of direction change of the squares can be changed in the code, and there are both black on white and white on black versions. For large-screen calculators only (49g+ and 50g).

2010-03-14 ⊥ 2256 views

By Patrick Offret

Stars 2.049 series | 18.5KB

A stars screensaver for the large screen models (49g+ and 50g). Includes both Saturn assembly and ARM-compiled C versions.

2010-03-14 ⊥ 2343 views

By Patrick Offret

Surfaces 1.0149 series | 49.0KB

The program draws some surfaces from their parametric equations. For the ARM-based calculators.

2010-03-14 ⊥ 2223 views

By Patrick Offret

Anim3D 1.0048 series | 15.5KB

A 3D animation with hidden line removal.

2010-03-16 ⊥ 2391 views

By David Haguenauer