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HP Calculator Communications Programs

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Usinagaz 0.3-04071348 & 49 series | 82.8KB

Lets the HP 39/40/48/49(+) connect to the Internet at 9600bps, using a mere modem. Includes some mail and news posters, and a mail fetcher. Also appears to work over IrDA on the 49g+.

2010-03-12 ⊥ 4292 views

By Samuel Thibault

Navigator 0.0849 series | 121KB

Web browser, which allows you to navigate the Internet with your HP 49 and view HTML files offline.

2010-03-12 ⊥ 3818 views

By Yoann Désir

Navigator 1.0049 series | 228KB

Web navigator: allows you to browse the Internet (via a modem or mobile phone) with your HP 49g+ or 50g and view HTML files offline. Site of Navigator. This version is for the 49g+ and 50g only, because it uses the entire 131x80 display.

2010-03-12 ⊥ 4141 views

By Yoann Désir

Fxmit 1.248 & 49 series | 8.93KB

Fxmit allows to transmit data on the serial port of HP 48S/G, HP 49 calculator with higher rates than 9600 baud. The available baud range depends on the calculator you have. HP 48S/SX have a 2MHz processor which allows lower speed than HP 48G/HP 49 with a 4MHz one.

2010-03-12 ⊥ 3681 views

By Sylvain Gamot

ChatHP Wire 1.01c48 series | 17.0KB

Chat program which operates over a wire.

2010-03-12 ⊥ 3739 views

By Yoann Désir

ChatHP Radio 1.01c48 series | 17.1KB

Chat program which operates with a radio card.

2010-12-12 ⊥ 3739 views

By Yoann Désir

ChatHP IR 1.01c48 series | 17.3KB

Chat program which operates over infrared.

2010-03-12 ⊥ 4096 views

By Yoann Désir

ChatHP 1.01d49 series | 18.1KB

Chat program that allows multiple calculator users to talk to each other on a network.

2010-03-12 ⊥ 5133 views

By Yoann Désir

Cell Phone Synchronizer 1.0049 series | 4.04KB

Read and write SMS and read phonebook entries with your 49g+ connected via IrDA to your mobile phone. You can configure User RPL parts to meet your phone's specifications.

2010-03-12 ⊥ 3897 views

By Mario Lohajner