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HP Calculator Assemblers and Disassemblers

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Jazz 50g Source Code 1.2049 series | 887KB

Contains the source code for Jazz 50g version 1.20 (2010.09.06).

2010-12-24 ⊥ 2096 views

By Han Duong

Jazz 50g Documentation 1.2049 series | 471KB

This is the updated documentation of Jazz 50g for the 49g+ and 50g (ROM 2.15) calculators.

2010-12-24 ⊥ 2351 views

By Han Duong

Jazz 50g 1.2549 series | 777KB

Jazz for the 49g+ and 50g with ROM 2.15. This is a complete port of the Jazz library for the HP48 series. It includes support for new opcodes, new object types such as flash pointers, integers, minifont, etc. The library provides an assembler, disassembler, ML debugger, SysRPL debugger, an entries catalog, and an editor.

2012-11-18 ⊥ 2497 views

By Mika Heiskanen | Jan Brittenson | Han Duong

CQIF 1.7.7F49 series | 19.2KB

Several programs useful to programmers, including a memory scanner and an assembly source code viewer. Also allows you to look into the ROM and extract what you want. Contains what is probably the most powerful disassembler on the 49.

2010-03-24 ⊥ 2852 views

By Pierre Tardy